Everything You Need To Know About Hunter Douglas Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fan has been a product of the industrial revolution, providing ventilation and comfort to people for decades now. Now, with technology becoming easily accessible and cheaper for lots of customers, companies have been able to innovate ceiling fans to the point where they are not just quiet, but they are also super-effective when it comes to ventilating a large room. However, if you’re looking to invest in a reliable brand, then there are hardly better options than the Hunter Douglas ceiling fan family. Let us take a look at what makes these fans so special and why should you invest in them, as well as a few drawbacks to keep an eye out for.

Hunter Douglas Ceiling Fans Advantages

One huge advantage of purchasing a Hunter Douglas ceiling fan is that they aren’t just geared to a certain customer demographic. With several products available in multiple price brackets, these ceiling fans are catered for various customers, giving you the option to purchase a reliable product according to your budget. Pricing of these fans can start from as low as $50 and can go as high as $500. Obviously, the higher you go, the better the Hunger Douglas ceiling fan will be in terms of luxury, aesthetics, features, and functionality, so you’ll have to choose accordingly.

Another advantage is the number of features these ceiling fans ship with. While increasing the number of features will obviously increase the overall price, you’ll find that you can get a lot of features while not going overboard in your budget. For example, the Hunter Douglas ceiling fan lineup provides products ranging from four blades and five blades. Having more blades on a ceiling fan is a good thing since it increases the overall airflow in a room, and thus, increases ventilation. Obviously, some fans with five blades are more expensive than ones with four blades, but if you take a look around the company’s website, you’ll notice that the price jump isn’t that significant.

For a lot of people, that’s a huge relief because when it comes to aesthetics, most of you won’t think to purchase a ceiling fan to fit that purchase. You’ll be looking at other items of decoration to embellish your living room, guest room, or lounge. Another benefit of purchasing a Hunter Douglas ceiling fan is that they are available in a variety of colors. If you’re the kind of person that wants a matching fan to go with their room, you’re in luck because there’s lots of options to choose from. You can also opt for fans that ship with lights, as that will offer a way to illuminate your room without adding extra lights in those pesky corners.

Hunter Douglas Ceiling Fans Disadvantages

One major disadvantage you’ll be looking at is that the pricing is much higher compared to the competition. Fortunately, Hunter Douglas provides excellent customer support and after-sales services, meaning that they’ll need some way to justify those costs increases. One nice addition to this service is that you can receive a full refund within 45 days of purchasing the ceiling fan. However, that isn’t going to be feasible for everyone depending on their schedule and if you feel that there are cheaper options to acquire, no one would blame you.

Also, regardless of what ceiling fan you decide to get, it will also carry with itself a small degree of maintenance. Depending on how tall a specific room is, you’ll probably be looking at a challenging task in cleaning a Hunter Douglas ceiling fan. If you’ve purchased a more decorated variant such as the one that comes with walnut gray blades and lights, then it will take longer to clean them. You might also need a specific cloth to clean the blades as using a harder material might mean that scratches might show up on these things.

It’s also more difficult to clean out fans with more blades and additional lights since that makes it difficult for you to sift through every nook and cranny attempt to remove the dirt. Dirt is, after all, the biggest enemy of electronics and if you’re not careful enough with these, it can significantly hamper the ceiling fan’s cooling performance down the road.

Places to buy Hunter Douglas Ceiling Fans

When purchasing a Hunter Douglas ceiling fan, the obvious place to go to is the company’s official website as they have an online delivery system that you can make use of. If not the official website, then your next best bet is placing an order through Amazon. Since Amazon has its own support and delivery system, shipping to your home address isn’t going to be a problem at all. Also, if there’s a problem down the road, Amazon’s delivery service will be there to pick up the defected part and it’ll provide you with a replacement unit in virtually no time.