How to Hang Art Like the Professionals

How to Hang Art Like the Professionals

How to Hang Art Like the Professionals

Many of us have heard of the golden ratio, or the rule of thirds. How can we put these aesthetic rules and guidelines to use in everyday life?  There are many ways in which interior designers attempt to make our living spaces more pleasant to be in, besides picking quality art. Once they have their eyes set on a piece of artwork, the next step is getting it to look right on the walls. Then, the real magic of finding the perfect placement of the painting or picture can begin.

Art Hanging Systems

One way in which we can do this is through the use of proper art hanging systems. Retailers that provide these logistical enhancements can help you find the right parts when you need hardware such as:

  • Picture rails
  • Hanging cables
  • Cable hooks
  • Tension Display systems

However, this material and handiwork can be difficult for the average person. Luckily, there are people and companies to help! Interior design and art hanging system companies serve thousands of people every day, providing critical services like installing delicate and finely tuned hardware.

Gallery Touch

When beginning to design the interior of a room, the first step is to sort the artwork by type. Once you have done this, you can decide on groups, or types of artwork, and lay out a path towards your desired aesthetic goals. Think along the line of themes, and try to come up with a cohesive and unified theme for every room. Experts worldwide agree on the “60-inch” rule, in which artwork should always be hanging at near the eye level of the average person, around 60 inches. This is a type of “gallery standard” we can use in order to achieve a starting point on our path towards a magazine-worthy living room.


When installing your artwork; you may run into some issues, such as:

  • non-standard frames
  • antique works that don’t hang well
  • pictures that, over time, have begun to hang crooked.

Sometimes everything works, but your personal gallery is just missing that certain something that elusively hides.  This is where the professionals come in, and companies that provide picture and art hanging services can make sure that your living rooms and business spaces provide a confidently aesthetic experience for anyone who comes into them. While art hanging may seem simple, it makes an enormous impact on the feng shui of any room.