How Long is the Warranty on a Bosch Dishwasher?

Warranty information for Bosch home appliances

Precise performance and modern design were top of mind when you purchased Bosch. Keep that spirit alive with the Bosch Appliance Service Plan, which provides coverage after the initial product warranty expires. To learn more, simply register your appliance to receive a customized offer letter by mail for the Bosch Appliance Service Plan.

Warranty Terms And Conditions | Bosch UK

If the appliance is imported from another country, exercise your warranty in the country, that the purchase was made. 9. The provision of services under warranty neither extends the term of the warranty nor sets in motion a new warranty period. The warranty period for spare parts fitted ends with the expiry of the warranty on the appliance as a …

Best Seller #1

Bosch PS21-2A 12V Max 2-Speed Pocket Driver Kit with 2 Batteries, Charger and Case

  • Compact: The Bosch PS21 2A 12V Pocket Driver Offers the Shortest Head Length of Its Class at 5.6 Inch Making It the Ideal Driver for Tight Corners and Small Working Spaces; at Only 1.4 Pounds It Reduces User Fatigue for Longer Periods of Time
  • Power: Despite its small size, the PS21 2A driver delivers 265 inch pound of max torque; It offers two speeds, 0 350 RPM and 0 1,300 RPM allowing users to match speed to the application
  • Control: With 20+1 clutch setting, the Bosch pocket driver allows users to have more control
  • Efficient: The PS21 2A is easy to use with a forward and revers switch to help with speedy screw removal
  • Convenient: The PS21 2A driver kit includes 2 12V Max lithium ion batteries, a 12V max charger, 2 1 1/2 in driver bits, and a carrying bag. It also has a built in LED light to help illuminate dark working areas

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Warranty Terms and Conditions – Bosch Home Appliances …

Warranty is valid in country of purchase only. This warranty is given by BSH Home Appliances Pty Ltd, 1555 Centre Road, Clayton, Victoria, Australia 3168 (the Company). This appliance is warranted by the Company to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a …

Bosch Home Appliances Manufacturer’s Warranty

MyBosch is your central hub for product related information, personalised tips and trick and Bosch service at your fingertips. Step 2: Register your product. In order to extend your warranty, we need the E-Number (full model number) and the FD-number (production code) of your Bosch appliance.

Best Seller #2

Bosch Digital Multi-Scanner GMS120

  • Detection: The Bosch GMS120 Digital Wall Scanner features multi mode laser detection for wood studs, metal objects (rebar, studs and steel/copper pipes) and live wiring
  • Performance: Features the latest 3 sensor laser technology, offering a wide range of detection performance of up to 4 3/4 Inch deep in cured concrete, up to 2 inches for live wiring, up to 3 1/8 inches for copper and up to 1 1/2 inches for wood studs; The accuracy of the product is 0.0625
  • Self calibrating: Includes 3 selection modes for wood, metal, and AC wiring; The GMS120 offers automatic calibration from the start and continues to self calibrate through the course of the project for easy and precise detection
  • Display: Features an illuminated graphical LCD display to indicate mode, detection strength, and more; The large detection ring flashes green for no object found, orange for object near and red for object found within the sensor range
  • Center Finder: This wall scanner includes a center finder that pinpoints the object center with an audible detection signal with an on/off button

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Bosch Dishwasher Warranty Review – This Old House

4/9/2020  · How long is the warranty on a Bosch dishwasher? As part of your Bosch dishwasher warranty, you get a one-year limited warranty on the entire appliance, parts, and labor. In years 2–5 of ownership, you’ll receive protection for the microprocessor or printed circuit board parts only.

Statement of Warranties – Bosch Dishwashers

to obtain warranty service, contact the nearest bosch authorized service center or call 1-800-944-2904 or write bsh home appliances corp. directly at 5551 mcfadden avenue, huntington beach, ca 92649. be sure to provide your dishwasher’s model, serial number, purchase date, …

Warranty terms and conditions – Bosch home

Beware of fraud, contact Bosch customer Service team @ 1800- 266 – 1880 for authorized Service Providers. For more information related to warranty you can contact us – Monday – Saturday – 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on our (toll – free) 1 – 800 – 266 – 1880 or write to us at

Warranty extension for Bosch home appliances

Simple. Secure. The Bosch Extended Warranty. With the extended warranty, your Bosch home appliance will be repaired free of charge even after the 2-year manufacturer’s warranty …

Best Seller #4

Bosch 7.0 Amp Corded Variable Speed Barrel-Grip Jig Saw JS470EB with Carrying Case with Bosch 10-Piece Assorted T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set T5002

  • CONTROL: Featuring Internal precision control with precision-machined plunging system. The Bosch JS470EB Barrel-Grip Jig Saw comes complete with a low-vibration mechanism for enhanced accuracy
  • CONVENIENCE: Tool-less blade-change system allows for fast insertion while the blade ejection lever eliminates the need to touch the hot blade makes for most secure jig saw T-shank clamping system
  • VERSATILITY: The Bosch T5002 T Shank Jig Saw Blade set offers an assortment of blades to add function and affordability to your jigsaw blade and saw application needs
  • COMPATIBLE: Compatible with over 90 percentage of current jigsaws including Bosch, DEWALT, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee, Metabo, Porter Cable, and Craftsman jig saws, the T5002 is a versatile addition to any tool set

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5 Best Bosch Dishwashers for 2020 (Ratings / Reviews / Prices)

9/24/2020  · How Long Is The Warranty On A Bosch Dishwasher? Bosch dishwashers come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. 5. Should You Buy An Extended Warranty On A Bosch Dishwasher? You will probably need some service within five years, but do NOT buy a warranty from a retailer or manufacturer without a service department. 6. Who Services Bosch Dishwashers?

How to Figure Out if Your Appliance is Still Under Warranty

Don’t wait until there’s an issue to make a note of the warranty guidelines for your appliances! Here’s how to tell if your appliance is under warranty. Consider Typical Warranty Periods. If your appliance breaks down within 30 days of purchase, you can be certain it’s still under warranty.

Best Seller #5

Bosch 665887 PANEL-FACIA

  • This part is compatible with models including; SHE55M15UC/64,SHE55M15UC/60,SHE55M15UC/61,SHE55M12UC/59,SHE55M15UC/59,SHE55M05UC/48
  • This is a manufacturer substitution. Part may differ in appearance but is a functional equivalent to prior parts including; 665887
  • Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. Compatible Brands: Bosch
  • This control panel (part number 00665887) is for dishwashers
  • Unplug the dishwasher or shut off the house circuit breaker before installing this part

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Bosch Extended Warranty | Bosch UK

If you require a Bosch engineer to come out to your home to repair your Bosch appliance using either the manufacturer’s standard warranty or the Bosch Extended Warranty, please contact us directly on 0344 892 8979 or you can book an engineer online by clicking the link below.

Did Your Last Dishwasher Last As Long as This Chart Says …

1/22/2018  · These Dishwasher Brands Will Stand the Test of Time. Consumer Reports checked in with the major manufacturers of dishwashers to get their latest thoughts on how long their products should last. While 10 years is about the average, some brands claim their products will last up to 13 or even 15 years with the right care.

Best Seller #6

645038 Bosch Appliance Filter Micro

  • This part is compatible with models including; SHE3ARL5UC/08,SHE3ARL5UC/07,SHPM78W56N/01,SHX7ER55UC/50,SHX7ER55UC/51,SHX7ER55UC/52,DWHD640JFP/D7,DWHD640JFP/D5,SHX7ER55UC/44,SGE63E05UC/29,SHP65TL5UC/01,SHX7ER55UC/48,SHE9PT55UC/A5,SGE63E05UC/28,SGE63E05UC/25,SHX9PT75UC/B4,SGE53U52UC/C6,SHX9PT75UC/B3,SPX68U55UC/42,SHEM78W55N/01,SHX4AT55UC/12,SGE53U52UC/C9,SGE63E15UC/A3,SHX4AP02UC/53,SHPM98W75N/01,SHX863WB5N/01,SHE89PW55N/01,DWHD651GFP/01,SHE4AP02UC/03,SHSM63W52N/01,SHE3ARL5UC/14,SHX3AR56UC/07
  • This is a manufacturer substitution. Part may differ in appearance but is a functional equivalent to prior parts including; 645038,645038
  • Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. Compatible Brands: Bosch,Thermador
  • This circulation pump filter (part number 00645038) is for dishwashers
  • Unplug the dishwasher and shut off the water supply before installing this part

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Bosch Dishwasher Runs A Cycle Of Three Hours.

5/4/2012  · what is causing extremely long wash and dry cycles on bosch dishwasher SHX45905UC/57 FD890801460 The unit has work normal up till a month ago when it started taking a very long time on wash and dry. T … read more

Most Reliable Dishwashers for 2020 (Reviews / Ratings)

1/24/2020  · 3. What is the best DB for a dishwasher? / What is the quietest dishwasher? Best DBs is Miele and Bosch at 37 DB, but anything under 44 will be quiet. 4. How long should a dishwasher cycle last / what is the fastest dishwasher? Dishwasher cycles top out at 3 …

Best Seller #7

Bosch 00754866 Dishwasher Door Spring Kit Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part

  • This part is compatible with models including; SHX53T55UC/02,SHX68T55UC/01,SPV5ES53UC/15,SHX68T55UC/02,SPV5ES53UC/14,SHX68T52UC/02,SHX68T52UC/01,SHE65T52UC/01,SHX7ER55UC/50,SHE65T52UC/02,SHX7ER55UC/73,SPV68U53UC/30,SHE53T56UC/01,SHX65T55UC/01,SHX65T55UC/02,SHE68T55UC/03,SHE68T56UC/01,SHP65T55UC/02,SHP65T55UC/01,SHE68T55UC/01,SHE53T56UC/02,SHE68T55UC/02,SHE53T52UC/02,SPV5ES53UC/07,SHE68T52UC/01,SHE68T52UC/02,SHX53T55UC/01,SPV68U53UC/23,SHE65T56UC/01,SHP53T55UC/02,SHE65T56UC/02,SPV68U53UC/28
  • This is a manufacturer substitution. Part may differ in appearance but is a functional equivalent to prior parts including; 00623540,00627230,00659339,00751392,623540,627230,659339,751392,754866
  • Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. Compatible Brands: Bosch
  • This door spring kit (part number 00754866) is for dishwashers
  • The kit may include multiple parts; refer to your parts diagram for a list of parts included

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Things You May Not Know About Your Dishwasher | Bosch Home …

Robert Bosch first established his workshop for precision and electrical engineering way back in 1886. However, it wasn’t until 1964 that Bosch Home Appliances released its first dishwasher. With more and more people looking to save time on housework in the 60s, Bosch’s contribution made washing dishes by hand a thing of the past and …

Are Extended Warranties on Appliances Worth It? | Angie’s List

We purchased the extended warranty on a Borsch dishwasher and when the pump quit weeks before it was up we thought it was worth it. What they don’t tell you is that it can take months for them to get a repairman out to service your unit. Then if they need a part it can take more months for it to arrive and for them to come back and do the repair.

Best Seller #8

Bosch 12012913 Dishwasher Door Handle Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part

  • This part is compatible with models including; SHPM65W55N/10,SHP65T55UC/09,SGV68U53UC/B3,SGV68U53UC/D5,SHPM78W55N/10,SHP65T55UC/07,SHP65TL5UC/01,SHP65T55UC/02,SHP65T55UC/01,SHP7PT55UC/07,SGX68U55UC/A5,SGX68U55UC/A3,SHP7PT55UC/01,SHP7PT55UC/02,SHP68T55UC/01,SHP53T55UC/02,SHP865WF5N/01,SHPM65W55N/01,SGV68U53UC/C9,SHP53T55UC/09,SHP53T55UC/07,SGV68U53UC/C6,SHP65TL5UC/07,SHP88PW55N/01,SHP65TL5UC/09,SHP65TL5UC/02,SHP53T55UC/01,SHP68TL5UC/07,SHPM78W55N/01,SHP68TL5UC/09,SHP68T55UC/09,SHP68T55UC/07
  • This is a manufacturer substitution. Part may differ in appearance but is a functional equivalent to prior parts including; 00752527,752527
  • Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. Compatible Brands: Bosch
  • This door handle (part number 12012913) is for dishwashers
  • Wear work gloves to protect your hands

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Warranty & Extension | Bosch Security and Safety Systems I …

The serial numbers are registered by Bosch. Note: On prior request, Bosch can be provide the serial numbers of all products shipped by Bosch. The DI might request the SI to confirm the serial numbers and shipping date to ensure that these are the products actually installed in the project. The warranty starts on the shipping date to the end …

Best Dishwasher Warranty Options (2019 Review)

9/19/2020  · With built-in Bosch dishwashers, you get the following repairs and replacements as part of your Bosch dishwasher warranty coverage: One-year limited warranty on the entire appliance, parts, and labor In years 2–5 of ownership , microprocessor or printed circuit board, parts only

Best Seller #9

Exmate 18V 3.5Ah Ni-MH Battery Compatible with Bosch BAT181 BAT025 BAT026 BAT160 BAT180 BAT189 PSR 18 VE-2 GSR VE-2 GSB 18 VE-2 2607335277 13618 22618 23618 1644K 1662B 3860CK

  • Replacement for Bosch GSR 18 VE-2, GSB 18 VE-2, GDS 18 V-HT, PSB 18 VE-2, PSR 18 VE-2, 13618, 13618-2G, 15618, 22618, 23618, 32618, 32618-RT, 33618, 33618-2G, 3453, 3453-01, 35618,3860K, 3860CK, 3860CRK, Replace BAT025, BAT026, BAT160, BAT180, BAT181, BAT189, BAT299, 2607335265, 2607335266, 2607335270, 2607335277 2607335278, 2607335401, 2607335535, 2607335536, 2607335735, 2610909020 ,2607335695, 52318 52318B, Great for Multi- Bosch Devices..
  • Compare with the low capacity batteries, 3500mAh high capacity can provide much more power and much more runtime within one full charge.
  • Made by high quality battery cells, eco-friendly, efficiently, stable and endurable. Almost no memory effect, can be charged or discharged as needed.
  • 100% brand new prefessional replacement battery, perfectly fit the internal configuration of the power tools, working as well as the original battery.
  • CE, FCC, RoHS certified. Successfully passed the test of over charge, over discharge, short circuit, high temperature, high humidity, internal overheating.

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KITCHENAID® DISHWASHER WARRANTY TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY For two years from the date of purchase, when this major appliance is operated and maintained according to instructions attache d to or furnished with the product, KitchenAid or KitchenAid Canada (hereafter “KitchenAid”) will pay for factory specified parts and repair …

Bosch Dishwasher Operating Instructions | Hunker

Bosch dishwashers automatically wash and sanitize your dishes, allowing you to keep your kitchen clean with less effort. The under-the-counter design allows the dishwashers to blend seamlessly into your kitchen, often beside the sink.

Best Seller #10

Bosch Positioning Device for Line and Point Lasers BM1

  • ADJUSTABLE: The Bosch BM1 Positioning Device offers micro-fine height adjustment system for quick adjustment and secure locking of the working height for both line and point lasers.
  • FREESTANDING: The BM1 comes complete with retractable feet for freestanding use
  • MOUNTABLE: With a multimounting system featuring strong magnets, 5/8-Inch-11 and 1/4-Inch-20 thread, slots for screws or nails, raceways or optional straps, the Bosch BM1 Positioning Device is ideal for any jobsite.
  • EASY SET-UP: The included clip attachment allows for quick setup in ceiling grid applications while the fine adjustment knob allows for precise alignment of the line laser.

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My Bosch Silence Plus Dishwasher – Kevin Lee Jacobs

8/17/2018  · Hi jr – Lowe’s gave me full credit my previous dishwasher. Since the Bosch cost $200 more than my old machine, I had only to pay the difference, which was $200. Mercifully Lowe’s also transferred my extended 3-year warranty to the Bosch, at no extra cost. (Hope this answered your question!)

How to Make Your Dishwasher Last Longer – Consumer Reports

6/20/2019  · How long should a dishwasher last? About 10 years, according to most of the 20-plus manufacturers we asked. CR members tell us they expect the same life span, on …


This limited warranty is valid only in the United States or Canada and applies only when the major appliance is used in the country in which it was purchased. This limited warranty is effective from the date of original consumer purchase . Proof of original purchase date is required to obtain service under this limited warranty. 1.

Bosch dishwasher troubleshooting: Bosch dishwasher is not …

Bosch dishwasher troubleshooting … Dishwasher runs a long time: If the dishwasher completes the cycle, but the run time seems exceptionally long, it may be due to cold incoming water. … NOTE: Cleaning sink air paps or sinks are not covered under warranty. Kitchen sink or sink air gap clogged. Drain motor (m3) failed.

How Long is Warranty on Whirlpool Dishwasher? – Home …

WHIRLPOOL DISHWASHER WARRANTY WHIRLPOOL DISHWASHER WARRANTY. 15 ONE-YEAR FULL WARRANTY For one year from the date of purchase, when this dishwasher is operated and maintained according to instructions attached … Our Review of Whirlpool’s Warranty (2020) | Today’s Homeowner Jul 26, 2020 · Whirlpool Dishwasher Warranty If you own a Whirlpool dishwasher, the warranty …